100th POST, 100 things about ME!

Thats right I have made it to my 100th Post. Can you believe it? I am writing all about me. Most you may have already known, some you will learn...Here goes...

1.My name is Tina Louise
Tina means anointed
Louise means Glory At war

2.Christmas Is my favorite Holiday, This is the only holiday I decorate for

3.Louise is named after my grandmother that died young. She was 58. She had 15 children.

4.My mom is one of 15 children. I have 14 talented aunts and uncles on that side alone.

5. My dad is one of 5. I have 1 uncle and 3 aunts on this side of the family and they are all pretty much local.

6.I am a wife of ALMOST 15 yrs. (wow)

7. My anniversary is June 19th. I always wanted a summer wedding! Why? Because I love summer!

8. My birthday is October 15th. I am 35 yrs old, My dear husbands is October 10th.

9.I am a mother of 3.

10. I have 2 boys and a girl Adam is 11 yrs. Jelena is 9 yrs. Kedric is 5 yrs.

11. I am the oldest of 4, and the only daughter.

12. I have a brother in Kentucky, Cleveland, OH And Colorado. I love my 3 brothers very much, they are all special to me. I also have 3 sweet sisters n law. They all live toooo far away though.

13. From 2 of them I have 1 niece, 2 nephews and one coming soon to be announced later what the sex is.

14.I share 1- 16 yr old niece on my dear husbands side. SHE DRIVES NOW!

15. I have a living Mother- n -law and Father- n -law...

16.From them I was blessed with an ambitious, HARD working, WONDERFUL, strong Husband Bill.

17.I have 2 WONDERFUL living parents. My mom is my personal decorater, sewing lady, encourager, blessed to help in need, recently become PASTOR. I am so proud of her. She is strong! I love you mom! Thanks for all you do for me! My Dad is wonderful too. He is a VERY hard working man. He has taught me all I needed to know about keeping a job, being THRIFTY, conservative or whatever you prefer to call it. He has always gave me great wisdom. He has helped mold me to what I am today! Thanks Dad, I love you!

18.I have WONDERFUL living grandparents ( dads side) My grandpa is going to be 93 this month, He is amazing, my hero, my role model in life. He manages a garden all summer, a pretty good size too. A huge lawn and a home. He cooks, bakes (to die for jello pies). cleans everything possible. He doesnt ever stop. and strong/ oh wow, yes! My Grandmother of many yrs now, his partner, she does well too she is going to be 88 this month and they really work well together! They have an encouraging marriage for all!

19.I am a hair dresser, I love my job, I only work part time. 1 1/2 days a week! That in itself is a dream job! I love my boss!

20. I LOVE PALM TREES (just in case you didnt know) ;)

21.I consider myself organized, something I have learned to be since I been a (SAHM) Stay at home mom.

22.I always wanted to learn to crochet

23. I love my African Safari Home, We worked for SO many yrs to make it what it is today! (sigh)

24. College was not for me,I Praise God Daily I am done with school and NEVER want to go back! I am not a teacher, a home schooler or anything of the like!

25.I went to a vocational school, I have been a hairdresser for 17 yrs now this month. I also worked at the Gaslight Drive In for 7yrs when I was in highschool +, till they closed their doors. it was an ice cream/ fast food place for summer, also worked at Town & Country Buffet. I was the FASTEST dish washer they ever had, or seen!

26.I consider myself a neat freak. I clean my kids closets out weekly, including my own. I wash my ceiling fan weekly in my room!

27.In the summer I wash my van weekly by hand, inside too!

28. I have 9 artificial trees in my home they get washed VERY often all summer long!

29. 5 Yrs ago I went out for modeling, This was something I always wanted to be. I loved the photo shoot! I took BARBIZON for 1 yr.(I was 16) I learned all about applying make up, and building ones confidence etc. I never got any work, but at the age of 29 I really thought about giving it one last shot! well it never amounted to anything, BUT no regrets. I sighned on to try it. I got selected to go for the photo shoot, but apparently was not the face they were looking for. However I did get some great shots! In fact the one on my blog is from THIS

30. I used to want a nose piercing ( since my nose is huge)

31. I never really cared for tattoos.

32.I love Indian Dress. I have sari's,(pants) Salwars(tops) and Dupattas(scarves)

33.I love Indian Jewelry, Bangles, necklaces, armlets, anklets, etc...


35. I am a christian, I went to catholic school till 8th grade then public 2 yrs then EHOVE vocational school.I grew up catholic and then converted to non denominational I believe in Jesus, and The BIBLE!

36. I love to dance before the Lord. I do this in my local church.

37. I play pattern tambourine in my local church. I always wanted to learn drums, so this is it for now...

38.I don't have a good singing voice. In fact it scares most, including myself!

39.my favorite color to have in my home is browns, hunter green a little burgandy is nice.

40. I enjoy wearing Black, its professional looking

41. I Hate to wear tshirts, unless im cleaning, I feel like such a slob.

42. I am a clearance shopper. I clip coupons, and love the satisfaction of a GREAT deal!

43.I enjoy garage saleing

44. I love to buy and sell on Ebay, oh the deals...

45. I have an M&M collection

46.I used to want a sister. I never was treated any different being an only girl like some would think. When I started working at the Gaslight (16 yrs old) I met Teri , well, we became good friends and have been since! She is the sister I have never had. She is the smart one. She explains EVERYTHING to me, I dont understand much. She is my dictionary too. She is a book reader I guess this is why she is so smart! She is wonderful to me! She will sacrifice sleep(she works nights) to help me out, she spoils my kids like they are her own. she is wonderful, Thank you Teri...Im blessed!

47.I am blessed with a handful of BEST friends!

48.I hate to read, (I have TERRIBLE comprehension)no matter what I can instantly be falling asleep...I am HIGHSTRUNG so this is WAY to relaxing for me:)

49.I love amusement parks, Although lately spinning rides do not seem to agree with me I feel nautious, sigh I'm getting old? ;)

50.I am blessed with a helpful neighbor. He will help with the kids at the drop of the hat!

51. I am blessed with an 11 yr old that thrives on science. He teaches me daily. He can build anything out of K'nex

52.My daughter is 9 yrs old and is turning into quite a book reader, and a good helper.

53. My 5 yr old will dig dirt, shovel snow, tidy up and dry dishes with delight.

54. I LOVE specialty coffees, My favorite is Rasberry White mocha from starbucks

55.My favorite TV show is Super Nanny

56. I dont really watch TV, but enjoy a good chick flick

57.I enjoy playing connect 4, Uno and Boggel with my kids.

58.I love my back scratched hard!

59. I love my hair/scalp brushed hard, I also Like my scalp washed way harder then the average person, This way I know its clean, and feels so good!

60. I love my feet rubbed and scratched in the middle on bottoms, I guess I inherrited this from my dad

61.I love CYNDI_LAUPER , you all knew this but wonder why? Well here's the reason why...Since I was kid I always envyed the fact that she could pick out her own clothes, her OWN style, her own hair do's etc...AND her voice!!!! Love it! I have No singing voice as I stated earlier! (sigh)she never cared what anyone thought of her she was just her. And to this day I can feel what shes feeling through her music. Sometimes makes me wanna cry. I have seen her 2 x in concert in the past 5 yrs!I do love Girls Just Wanna have Fun. I WILL request it at EVERY wedding reception!

62.I love most 80's music... I have seen Cyndi Lauper and Hall & Oats in concert

63.I LOVE praise And Worship music

64.I love my Blog, and to blog daily!

65. I love to eat pizza, I like most things on it hold the anchovies & olives

66. I Hate to excercize

67. I took Tap Dance lessons for 10 yrs. Acrobats for 5 yrs and ballet for 8 yrs...

68. For a short time my 2 oldest kids took lessons from the same teacher!

69.I like snow but Hate the cold, driving on ice scares me!

70.I am a morning person, I rise at 6am

71. I like things quiet, I rarely play music for this reason.

72.I lack Patience

73. I don't like to cook, though sometimes I get ambitious to try a new recipe, I would rather bake
74. I like the Taste Of Home Magazine, when they have some good recipes in them.

75.I love MR BEAN , He is kinda like a British comedian, hillarious, and fun to watch

76. I LOVE chocolate

77. Especially Dark chocolate which is good for your heart in case y'all didn't know, I have a GREAT heart;)

78.I love the "homemade mint chip brand ice cream" I can eat the whole tub in 1 sitting, or my tongue looses feeling, this has happened, yikes!

79.I love scrapbooking and keep up with it pretty well!

80.I sell Beauti Control products, need any?

81.I HATE TO BE COLD, I hate cold weather, I like 75-85 degrees farenheit preferably!

82.I enjoy baking

83. I love to eat out!
I love Casa Fiesta! I love cheddars too, my dear friend got me hooked on the Monte cristo, YUM! and deadly with fat!

84. I love chinese, Seafood, anywhere, is a treat!

85.I have taken my 1st plane ride 2 yrs ago, it was neat!

86. I went on my 1st cruise, To the BAHAMAS 2 yrs ago!

87. I still own all my strawberry shortcake dolls, well the ones I originally got I have 5 I believe.

88.I have had 1 colonoscopy, Which was NOT so bad, I think I lost a little weight in that deal, always a good thing.

89.I would love to visit someday, ITALY, COLORADO, HAWAII, CALIFORNIA

90. I do NOT sew what so ever, my bad! I have NO desire! My wonderful mother will help me out here, thanks mom!

91. I love to lay on the beach and nap in the summer,

92. I have had 1 (beyond painful) kidney stone!

93.I Am healthy Praise God

94.I got to witness a birth. My DEAR FRIEND, My most blessed memory besides having my own trio!

95.I was fortunate to have 3 healthy kids with NO epidurals, I had nothing for the 1st one which came out at 9 lbs 15 oz 23.5 inches long and 3 hrs and 40 min labor! The other 2 I was induced so I could have infants not toddlers and I had nubane is all...

96.I TRY to please EVERYONE, gets exhausting sometimes;)

97. I am Trying to read more, though it is hard, God is training me to be a good mom. I am learning so much!

98. I love to have 1 hr to myself after the kids go to bed and 1 hr before they get up, to regroup.

99.I consider myself to be a home body, I enjoy just being home, I can always find SOMETHING to do! I am never bored!

100. and last but not least, I enjoyed doing this, Hopefully I didn't bore ya'll to death!


Mama Lily said...

Wow, 100 already. You go, girl! Thanks for sharing all of that. you were up early doing this one!

Doug and Stacey said...

Another Mr. Bean fan, yippee!!! I learned alot about you. Thank you!

Just Being Me said...

Congrats on 100. It was very interesting. You're a blessed woman to have such a loving family and friends around you. Keep blogging. Nadine

Rebecca said...

#94 made me giggle. Have the claw marks faded from your arm yet?

Congrats on post #100!

Hliza said...

This is a nice, long post! In some ways we're the same actually. Happy 100th post Tina! I'm glad I get to know you. You sound like one hairdresser that I can trust to touch my hair! (I am always scared going to one, since they always spoil the style).

sari said...

hi Tina Louise,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I came over here and WOW! All kinds of stuff to learn about you right off the bat.

I enjoy your exuberance! You should have had on there that you are very optimistic and good natured, that seems to show through.

I have a grandmother named Louise also. Actually, my grandmothers are both alive, and they are (REALLY, TRULY): Thelma and Louise. But not at all like the movie, I can promise you that.

See you soon!

Nicole said...

Wow. That was a GREAT 100th post! I think it might be my favorite 100th post that I've read to date. VERY telling. I have about 29 posts to go before I do mine. Can you tell I am counting down??

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I am so glad that you did. I'll be back for more of you missy!! Come visit mine again ANYTIME!!

Sarge Charlie said...

congrats on 100

Heather said...

Ok you are a better blogger than I. Between my 2 blogs, I still have not hit #100 and I have now been blogging for a year :0 Thanks for sharing, It's nice to have a chance to learn more about you :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you are a hair dresser! My mom did that while we were growing up..and she also loved it. I have always tossed the idea of doing that around in my head, but have never gotten serious about it. I could handle 1 1/2 days a week!

Michelle said...

happy 100!!

KC said...

Happy 100th post Tina. What a wonderful post it was. It was so nice to get to know you a little better. So now i know your one of those organized morning people who I don't like much(LOL just kidding)I'm so un organized it's not even funny and I'm up just about every night till 1am or later and will sleep in as long as I can, which normally setting the alarm for 7:45am inorder to feed, dress and get the kids out the door for school by 8:35am. I really did enjoy reading this post. Congrats on #100

Midlife Mom said...

I'm jealous! I just started blogging with the help of my niece dcrmom and I think I am up to 22! Thanks for visiting, I get so excited when I see that someone has stopped by!!!!! I was a hairdresser for 22 years and my name is Louise too. I LOVE good praise and worship music too. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!!!!