Cafe Vienna

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General Foods International Coffee's
Cafe' Vienna
This is one of my favorite coffee's. Yes it is instant which amazes me why I like it this much! I Don't know if I care too much for the other flavors as I have only tried like 2 others and was not too impressed. However this particular flavor is wonderful topped off with a touch of cinnamon. mmm, what a treat! A dear friend Of mine had me over for coffee way back when we had play groups( when our growing up children were young) often. I still Have this drink from time to time. Thanks Julie for the wonderful memories...


Kimo & Sabi said...

This is one of Mommakitty's favorites too! Her other favorite is French Vanilla - she calls it aromatherapy!She goes through so much of this coffee that she donates bags of empty cans to her church youth groups to make piggy banks! It's not even real coffe - but ther's somethings addictive in it! Whatever...it makes her happy!

Michelle said...