A year later...my dear friend Robin...

Wow! It has been almost a year since I have Blogged! It has been a rollercoaster of a year indeed! We have taken in a dying person I have only known for 1 yr. She is 45 now and no esophogus. Due to needing Foot Surgery I had to be off my foot for 6 weeks no work till then. She has maybe 1 month left to live. I pray she Finds God and peace! She is a fighter as she is in Florida right now for 3 days, otherwise on Hospice care!
 My family is growing up! Adam in his 1st year of college...Jelena is looking at them as she will go next year. Kedric is in the middle school! He is a very hard worker he has done so much yard work for people all summer that he has bought his own equipment! Quite impressive really!

this pic was taken a year ago of Robin and I she was like 85 lbs here...she now is MAYBE at most 70 we managed to spend a girls day at Kalahari...
she had a scary episode before moving in with us and broke her hipp...She recovered here at Manor care where this pic was taken below!
we Bill Robin and I celebrated our Birthdays together in October! Bills is the 10th, Robins is the 13th and mine is the 15th...

 Robin became a grandma in June! The pic of her holding the fruit is from a wonderful guy that will be taking care of her in these last days. you can see how frail she is...
Well I will do my best to not wait a year...hope all my blog buddies are doing well!

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Black Friday

Black Friday  is such a fun and crazy experience for shoppers!!!! I however really enjoy doing this each year! Jelena and I have done this together for the last several yrs and this yr Bill and I enjoyed doing it! What a time we had! We are never set out to get major ticketed items but we did manage to get one! :) all in all we had fun! The photo taken here is the group of wonderful ladies I work with, they are all so much fun and I love my job! Because of Black Friday shoppers we ran this add in the paper with a special on pedicures and massages!

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Our Wonderful Thanksgiving... We celebrated This fantastic day the day after. My mother Blessed us with fixing the entire meal and baked the 4 amazing pumpkin, pecan and apple pies you see below! One thing for sure is My mother would never cut corners and buy boughten crusts either! Yes they tasted as good as they look! We have so much to be thankful for in our lives!!!!

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8 Random things About me...

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8 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME nobody knows? oh boy I'm an open book lol ...ok Joy  here goes...
1. I never thought I would really like having a Tattoo but I Love my palm tree Tat enough that I Really think I NEED a scissors Tattoo with hair strands coming out of it ( someone suggested colored strands) hmmmmm time will tell...

2. I absolutely LOVE my head and back scratched almost daily and hard enough that I am sure I have scars

3. I HATE clutter, junk and trash laying around of any sort
( organization is key)
When I get boxed anything I take it out of cardboard and discard it!
Tuesday morning Trash day has become my favorite day of the week

4. I am anal about paying my bills to the point, I will sacrifice fun of any sort! Probably why I work everyday and I am still learning to have fun and relax in life

5. My family is my life! I know God has me where I am at for his purpose, I still have ALOT to learn! Learning to be a good wife, a mom of 2 teens and a tween with ADHD...Yes I still have ALOT to learn!

6. I go to sleep most nights reverting back to when I was a young teen doing back flips and no handed cartwheels through the yard at my parents house, this is something I was so close to being able to do but never mastered it because of fear! I can see myself doing it

7. I wake up in the morning and the 1st thing I think about is my weight! What I ate the night before and how much of a work out I can do time wise!

8. I love LOVE love cutting hair, and doing spa services making people feel WONDERFUL about themselves!!! I treasure ALL my clients as dear friends, I cherish each and everyone of them as Gods gifts! I'M SO BLESSED!



 It was super exciting to have a long time blogger friend drive 4 hrs to come see me!!!  She had a spa day, and spent the night watching movies and visit!  She had a massage then I colored her hair with 7 different colors, I gave her a spa pedi and a manicure! I think she is a new woman...What a blast! She went to church with us the next morning then headed home!

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HAPPY 18th Birthday ADAM!!!

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18 years ago today I remember having our big Thanksgiving Feast at my Grandpas house All the family -aunts uncles and cousins were there. I had been waiting for this baby to come but started getting tired of false hope So I went along as usual and ate a bit more then usual, ok I ate about 6 plates too much and started labor after my head hit the sheets that night. I felt something 5 min. apart consistently and thinking could this be it? I called my mom , as my hubby worked nights and tried to get a little sleep. She said well I'm on my way... DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL YET!!! My Grandma Lesch ( moms mom was a pro at having babies after all she birthed 15 :)) So she came and made me walk the kitchen floor until the contractions were 2 min. apart. Because when you go to the Hospital they lay u down and that slows things up!!! So I walked and walked as they were slightly under 2 min.we Called the Hospital which Dr. Kasten happened to be there, YEAH, so we ( bill and my mom) hurried over. He thought I was walking pretty well, but checked me and said WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!! 2 hrs later a total of 3 hrs and 40 min TOTAL my precious ADAM was born! It was the most magical moment of my life!!! He weighed 9 lbs 15 oz and was 23.5 inches long!!!!!
HAPPY 18TH ADAM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I pray God's direction in your future!!!



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 From chocolatiers to  gourmet chefs my aunts are amazing at what they do! These are desserts they made for a wedding reception for cousin of mine! YES they tasted as good as they look! I tried most everything there and rolled myself home;)

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 Super proud of my hubby he  has lost 65 pounds now! way to go Bill! You look great! He is  hoping to loose 20 more pounds!!! Not bad as this has been going on for only 4 month!!! How did he do it? Committed to diet and exercise! Major amounts of each behind a very dedicated positive attitude!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS JELENA!!! I Am Super proud of you!!! Jelena has made PRESIDENTS LIST!!! I ask myself how did I get so lucky to get such an intelligent daughter??  She has worked super hard for this up till 1am studying and pushing herself whatever way possible and she has reached it! She is one of 3 sophmore students to recieve this honor!!! She also was honored for 2 yrs in a row of PERFECT Attendence! Even with loosing her  great grandfather this year! She DID IT!!! So proud of you sweet one! You are a blessing and a gift to so many!

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curly to straight

 Jelena has like really big 80's hair and every once in a great while i will straighten it for her and it takes over an hour to do so! she has sooo much hair :)
 Here we are half done :) And what a transformation!!!!

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 Easter Egg Hunt!


May God Bless you and Your familes!!!

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