Tackle it!

Today is one of my Favorite Days of the Year! Fall Trash Pick up! I love to get rid of the access junk in my life nd this is one of those times I can really do it! Normally We are only allowed 3 trash bags so since we have so much trash i buy the extra large bags I can only find at Walmart!
besides recycling cardboard I can easily fill 2 of them a week! So this day I have cleaned out stuff and things we were holding onto has to go! I see 1 thing is gone which was the old light fixture from the bathroom, glad someone could use it;)
Besides getting rid of trash today, I am getting my hair done and it is getting a WHOLE new look! Color highlights and cut! I need a new look ...for Fall...So stay tuned as I will display the "look" on Wordless Wednesday!
Happy Tuesday everyone, it is gorgeous here!

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Stayllo said...

I am so excited that its big trash week!!!

Michelle P said...

I LOVE FALL!!! Not only is it my favorite season, but the first day of fall is also my birthday!! What a great present...crisp weather, beautiful leaves...=)

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

Your "big trash week" is kinda equivalent to our "household cleanup week" although we're able to put out a maximum of 1 trailer load of rubbish. I love that time of year (we had ours last month) because I enjoy doing a HUGE cleanup and getting rid of it all. Last year we had so much trash, we ended up having to take it to the rubbish tip because there was too much to put out and the collectors wouldn't have picked it up.

Heather said...

We had a big haul at spring pick up, but it feels good to get the excess cleared out. It amazes me sometimes how much stuff people have thats trash just hanging around!