Thursday thirteen - Football

From MY experience, these are the things we have needed to buy for Football! And yes Do not let anyone kid you it has been a VERY expensive sport! This is what we have bought...
1. Cleats
2. Wrist bands
3. gloves
4. Uniform
5.Chin Strap
6.Football Socks for Practice ( we bought Royal Blue)
7. gotta have Navy Blue Football Socks for Games
8.Cup, which NOW he complains is too big, so he doesn't wear it, may have to buy another one of these...(sigh)
9.mouth piece, we bought a really good one, but he didn't like the way it fit so we bought a cheap one that melted( you get what you pay for) and had a really cheap one at home he molded and lost so he is on the 4th one now!
10.Eye Black ( optional, but of course Adam wanted it)
11.Girdle, I am so clueless in football, I didn't even know boys wear these! they are NOT cheap either! I have a very tall son and I think they sized him wrong or gave him the wrong pants! (They suggested to us to buy a girdle, ok) Either way I am new at this so they just blow me off saying I have seen shorter, those are good, most moms and even the other coach agrees with me! In fact the other coach suggested I buy either yellow tape or black tape to make them look longer????? Come on people we did not pay $250, for uniforms to tape them, rediculous! But they cannot reorder him one now this late in the season. So we are stuck!
12. Pictures, Though this is optional I bought just the photo of the team.
13. Gas for all the games
whew! Yes I am beyond broke due to Football! However it is good to give my son this discipline, they practice 3-5 days a week and have a game every sunday! It makes for alot of running! This is our 1st real experience in Sports, and all I can say is WOW! I would not be surprised if we spend about $500.00 on this by the end of the season!

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Jodi said...

Kids in sports definately put a dent in the pocket book! I am glad I never had both my boys in sports at the same time... I guess the 7 year gap turned out to be a good thing LOL.

Have a great Thursday!


Rebecca said...

Reason number 457,000 why I'm glad Jaben didn't want to play this year. And we didn't bother with all the extras you bought. AND they didn't require us to purchase the uniform! That must be new this year. Hope he's enjoying it -- it's far too expensive, IMO!

Nadine said...

Kids sports are expensive. It's amazing that they can't offer this option to kids at a more reasonable rate so more kids can afford to play.

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

I agree, it definately puts a dint in your wallet! At the moment only our DD7 is playing sport outside of school. She plays hockey and that hasn't been too bad $$wise. But it starts adding up when all the babes want to start a new sport!

thedowning5 said...

Our kids are always in sports and baton - they love it but I'm always stressing about the fees!!!! I still don't understand why it's so expensive and they have to have all of these extra things!

Stayllo said...

I hope Garrett doesn't want to play!!! I'm just kidding its a great experience for them, we'll just have pray for his safety now.