Thursday Thirteen

I love to get good deals! This Thursday Thirteen are things I need to buy in the coming months...
1. A Dirt bike or something similar to this for Kedrics christmas
2. Paint for my bathroom
3. shampoo for my carpets
4. Angel food cake pan I been wanting one so I can make healthier desserts;)
5. New Storage food containers
6.scrapbooking odds and ends
7. new bath towels (ours are getting pretty raggy)!
8. another new curling Iron for work
9.Clothes for the kids
10. Christmas gifts in general
11. Nioxin Shampoo and scalp therapy (EXPENSIVE)
12.shoes for Jelena
13. Halloween costumes for us all

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that's a big shopping list honey!

smiles, bee

KC said...

what a list.
Happy T13

Faye said...

My list is looking like that too! I have started crossing things off though and that is the best feeling! I just got a new Bed Head curling iron (that was on my list too) and it is amazing! My curls have never been bouncier!