What Did You do over the Weekend?

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Well It has been a Fun Filled BUSY Weekend! Friday My Dear Friend Marilyn and I rode our bikes to The "MOMS" Group we are in. It is alot like a Bible study! We then rode our Bikes to Curves where we worked out a bit. Refreshing. Then we rode our bikes home from there! It was a lovely Afternoon, weather was So perfect!!!
After getting home I then walked the dog around the short block then rode my bike to work as I had 1 appointment to do! It was great to be so well excercised!

That night our church had a Harvest Party. It was at some friends from our church, What a lovely time! I think the best one yet! They had pony rides for the kids, We had frito pies to eat along with some other goodies, YUM YUM! We also had an amazing Hay ride, It was so fun!!! He took us back into the woods where they then let off a HUGE AMAZING Fireworks Display! It was almost better the the 4th of July! Then we came back and toasted marshmallows on the Bon Fire they made... Most of the kids and adults too enjoyed the Smores... I had 1 but got my fill of several toasted creamy filled marshmallows....YUM!!! It was a great time had by all! ( Sorry I was unable to bring my camera)

Saturday was a VERY busy (wonderful) work day for me! After work My DH and Kedric was helping a friend put a swing set up along with my wonderful neighbors! It was a long job! So I opted to take the older 2 to Ryans For dinner (as I had a FANTASTIC coupon) Then we 3 were off to CP! We had fun, sorta! We watched the Magic show Which is way cool! I want to still see it again and again;) Then we rode the Troika...I tried to talk the kids into taking the short cut to walk through the haunted midway ( it is scary to me too) BUT, could it be that bad?)they were way to scared and Ran so fast off I couldn't catch up, well then after all that I was searching and searching and gave up after hmmm...45 min? It was so dark and so much dry ice how can any one see! plus the place was so PACKED, I mean SOOOOO packed!!!!! WOW! so finally after 2 hrs later I waited finally found Adam ( Jelena turned herself into missing persons) SO enough fun for me, so we left and got home about 11:30, kinda a dissapointing night! Moral of the Story? GO ALONE:)

Sunday we had Church, then off to A Birthday Party for a friends little girl then too football! and I am home......Cut Kedrics hair...
getting kids to bed and then to start working on my menu for the week!!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
The weather here has been so gorgeous!
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Shionge said...

Whew! I can feel the busy vibes Tina and glad you had a good time. I chilled out and ended up with a good jog yday :D