It's My Birthday And I will Blog If I want to;)

October 15th
Yes Today is my Birthday! My Daughter got me a wonderful frame. And a itty bitty candle!
She was so proud to buy this for me and so sweet it was! She rode her bike all the way there and spent good money on it! Here we are holding my precious gifts!

Here it is, this is what it says...
The Stuff Great Moms are made of
You are a great mom
It's Not always easy,
But You're doing the "mom gig"
with fun, style, and humor.
You're taking the time
to enjoy the journey with your kids,
If they ever got on TV,
would obnoxiously acknowledge with a "Hi mom"
Because you are "The Mom!"
And That's the main thing!
So keep it up
You are the stuff great moms are made of.
Suzy Toronto
How sweet is that coming from a 10 yr old Daughter?;)
Below are my dear friends! Rhonda and Julie took me out to the restaurant of my choice and though they hate seafood they let me indulge and I chose there with the endless shrimp special so I ate ALOT od shrimp. I will just be polite and say it that way as you do not want to know how much I ate!;) It was YUMMY! Thanks Julie and Rhonda for a lovely day out!

Friday the kids had NO SCHOOL! We went shopping about 1 hr away and enjoyed eating at Ce Ce's pizza! We so love their cinamon rolls! Kedric alone ate 6! I wont tell you how many I ate;)
Next week I am going to start watching better of what I Eat but for now I will continue celebrating;) Saturday night Bill and I got out to celebrate our birthdays so we splurged and went to Damons, it was so yummy but as usual we ate to much! Then we walked it off at CP it was way to busy to ride anything under 3 hrs so we tried our best to walk through the large crowds of people! Monday the lady that watches my kids once a month is making me dinner! So I don't even have to cook! WOOHOO!!!!! And Tuesday Teri my other dear friend will take me out and spoil me! So I will not display a menu this week as I am taking a break from that this week as well! I will enjoy all the breaks I can and Celebrate! ;) If I must tell my age for all the curious minds out there I am now 36;)

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Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

Happy Birthday Tina!!!!!

That is so sweet of your daughter :) Glad to hear you enjoyed your day.

annie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Shionge said...

How sweet & wonderful Tina...Happy Birthday to you!

As this is a lovely gift from your daughter that you gonna treasure for the rest of the your life..have a wonderful time Tina :D

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Tina!!! Yeah...how old?...29. No seriously you look fabulous. Your daughter is sweet and thoughtful. I'm glad you had such a good day.

Frdgrl27 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Josh's 4th bday was the 12th! We celebrated all weekend! WHEW! Is it over?!

angela said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Tina! Enjoy your day!

Seth, Evan, and Angela

The Downing 5 said...

Happy Birthday Tina and Welcome to 36!! Enjoy all the pampering!

The Downing 5 said...

Happy Birthday Tina and Welcome to 36!! Enjoy all the pampering!

Stayllo said...

Happy Birthday!!! If you were at CeCe's an hour away you were probably right near my new house!!!

KC said...

awwwwwwwwwww how sweet of her to get you that.
Sounds like you had a blast.. HEY did you know they are building a CeCe's in Sandusky? I love that place.. Sometime tonight I'll be doing a post of what I did friday and Saturday.. but getting caught up on reading blogs right now.. but I had a blast this weekend..

and this my dear is for you.. in my best voice ever.

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday
Dear Tina
Happy birthday to you..
and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC said...

Just read Stayllo's comment

There is a CeCe's an hour away heading south, and one heading east. I don't know if there is one west or not.. but the one east and south are both yummy..

The 1st time I ate at one Princess was 2 years old and it was in TX at my sisters and they have a ton of different dessert type pizza's there that they just don't have up here :(

ShaggaBear said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! You are celebrating in STYLE!!

By the way... your hair is really cute! I love that cut on you.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday!!! When I saw your picture. . for a minute I thought you were my aunt. LOL! You look exactly like her! Hope your day was a great one!

CHEL said...

woo-hoo! Happy Birthday to you!

palmtreefanatic said...

Thank you ALL for all the Birthday wishes! It has been a great day!;)

Jodi said...

A belated birthday wish! That is a cute frame!! What a sweet daughter!! By the way, love the hair!!