13 Things I enjoy this time of year

1.Everyone is so much happier!
2. Presents, giving and recieving( especially starbucks,:)
3. Christmas decorating
4. Christmas Trees! I enjoy seeing how others decorate theirs!
5. Holiday Baking, Honestly I do not know if I have EVER made this many different kinds! So far I am up to 10 DIFFERENT kinds! My Son came home today and said cookies again? mom you are scaring me;) lol!
6. Candy, I love homeade candy Which I do not make, and homeade peanut brittle, yummy!
7. This time of year I enjoy pumpkin and gingerbread lattes ( starbucks and Sheri's)
8. Not to mention more Starbucks and Sheri's coffee, Theres NOTHING better then to sip on a hot drink of this when it is cold!
7. lights, I HATE messing with them but love to see them all decorated outside of peoples homes
8. Christmas music especially manheim steam roller and transiberian orchestra
9. Christmas movies
10. couped up inside on a cold dreary day and not feeling the need to get out!
11. Snow, I only like it when I do not have to go far in it! then I like a Good blizzard
12. stores open early and close late!
13. COOKIES ( eating them)

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Miranda said...

Great TT!!!....lol when I've finished my room, I'll start doing them again too.

Have a good one !

Nadine said...

You are cookie making machine. Hey you can send some my way. I love Christmas cookies. Yours look great.

Jodi said...

Great list!! Have a terrific Thursday!

HLiza said...

Oh you guys out there do accumulate all the good things for the end of the year! I love the cookies and puddings!

KC said...

cookies YUM!!!!!