Another Busy weekend!

It has been another VERY busy week! Friday night we relaxed with a fabulous family Movie. It was a drama, New Release But probably been on TV before. It was Called The Christmas Blessing. If You haven't seen it, it is a must! Beautiful Story!

Saturday was a VERY VERY slow Day at work probably ONE of my worst! But I was let off work 30 min early as I then had to run to the Grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make a Pumpkin Cheesecake for Sunday. Saturday night Bill And I went to Casino Night for Bills Work! They have this once a year and it is a lot of fun this time neither of us gambled so that we could save our "money" for a prize at the end! Everyone starts with $2500.00 so together we kept our $5000.00 and ended up with a 7 pc pyrex portable Bowl! I love it! We visited all the non gamblers! :) They also fed us WELL we had the Best steaks EVER, and as ususal, with Chicken, green beans, corn, salad, mashed cheese potatoes, and Fresh from the bakery rolls! And dessert? we had many choices from pineapple cake, caramel pecan pie, I made chocolate peanut butter krispy treats, and they had banana cream pie and chocolate cake and brownies, and pumpkin pie and so many left! I personally had 2 pieces of the pecan and a piece of the banana cream pie and on top of all the food I ate! WOW! I had to be rolled home;) Boy was it yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my food;) We got home late and I never did see the older 2 as they were still in bed when I went to work at 7:20am) and they were gone when I got home,
Teri kept the kids for me and spoiled them as usual! She took them out to the MOVIES! I think they go more then I ever have! She took them to see the BEE MOVIE. I guess Everyone loved it!!! Then she let them play video games in the arcade then off to East of Chicago pizza Buffet! Everyone had a great night! It was longer then I like, Though we got home around 11:30, I went to bed at 2am and was up at 7:30!
Sunday was yet another busy Day! Went to church, then we were off to our Thanksgiving with my moms side of the Family, since my mom is 1 of 15 there is alot of people in the family with grandkids and great grandkids. It was a nice time of catching up none the less! OH and the food YUM YUM! As If I could be even hungry after saturdays feast I ate too much once again! I feel the Holidays are among us now! We had the best food ever as we have some fabulous Chefs and caterers in this family I am so lucky to be apart of it:) We had thr traditional Turkey and it was so moist and delicious. Ham, Green Bean casserole, Homade stuffing, mashed potatoes ( I heard there was 120 lbs peeled) gravy, the best EVER sweet potatoes and they were SWEET! THEN after that you could come over to the dessert table and get a smorgus board of desserts! I HAD to have my Aunts pecan pie and let me tell you though saturday was good todays made my legs melt, dang was that good stuff! I so love it! It is as good as eating a chocolate bar and there is NO chocolate in it! I had some coconut cream pie too yum yum! there was also cherry pies and oh way to many things to list but this was the dessert table and there was salad and rolls on it too! I was sorry I never managed to get one of my aunts sticky pecan rolls, but honestly my Stomach is getting big enough no need for more stretching it;) ( the photos are from Sundays Thanksgiving)
Well I think I am getting run down lack of rest is not good, everyone is in bed and I am heading there myself! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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CanCan said...

Hi there! I'm just stopping by to let you know you won the board game Man Laws Woman Rules on my blog! Email me at onlycancan@hotmail.com so I can mail you your prize!

KC said...

Sounds like a fun filled(filled with food LOL) weekend.. Everything sounds fun and YUMMY.. Glad you had fun.

ShaggaBear said...

It's a good thing you have such a high metabolism!! If I ate all that, I'd gain 10 pounds in one day!

You'll have to share your pumkin cheesecake recipe. I love cheesecake!