I have finished my 'MOMS' group it stands for

M inistry

O f

M oms

S haring

It has been an uplifting 6 weeks of encouragement and focusiing on myself as a mom and a wife and a friend etc...I have had a good reflection on my self and met some nice women through it! As we finished over a week ago, we celebrated this past Tuesday. We had simple appetizers and wine. It was lovely! Each person in the program had a praying partner that had been in the program before so they were praying for us through this time of devotion. I was unfortunately unable to meet my prayer person as she couldn't make it! All in all it was nice and at the end of this 'party' she awarded each person with a certificate and each person was recognized with a gift. Mine was Loving Responsibility and Dedication. I thought it was pretty fitting!;)
I hope everyone has a nice weekend, mine will be busy busy busy!
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Nadine said...

Congratulations. You have a great weekend too.

Trista said...

Even though you didn't win, I'd still love to make you a custom header for your blog! And just for entering, all you have to do is contact me, tell me what you are looking for and your ideas, and I'll get started on your header. And to show my appreciation for you entering my contest, you get $5.00 off. That means the header is only $10!!!!!

Sandy said...

Congratulations, good for you. Have a great weekend busy or not.

Shaunda said...