13 Things left to do before christmas

1. Make MORE christmas cookies,
2. Take kids to see dancing lights in Sandusky
3. Take kids to see Santa
4. make lots and lots of appetizers and host family party ( sunday)
5.Finalize shopping
6. Christmas cards
7. wrap few more gifts
8. clean house, organize, go to Good will to drop off!
9. finish some scrapbooking pages BEFORE I get overwhelmed with Christmas photos!
10. Figure out kids christmas clothing and buy as needed
11. Go To chucke cheese we combine this with seeing the "real" santa at the great northern mall
12. Did I mention cookies? I got lots more to make, cookie walk at school tomorrow!
13. teacher gifts, oh yeah gotta get them too!
And you thought I had it together? sigh I am getting more behind thinking about it!
Happy TT everyone!

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Michelle P said...

You've got only 13 things left to do before Christmas? I've got more like 113!!!!
Merry Christmas

Miranda said...

Great TT....wonder if I can throw a few of my things your way to do. lol...I've got alot left too.

Nadine said...

Making cookies...I'm waiting until my daughter comes home next week to bake cookies. It's our thing and it's just not the same without her.

Shaunda said...

All I can say is DITTO! Why to much stuff to do...

Jenny McB said...

I hope to make some cookies this weekend. Christmas clothes, lol, bought my two at home pants yesterday and had them try them on. They hardly ever dress up and when they do, it's always a crisis of something not fitting...

Sounds like you have a lot to do in the week, hope you get it all done!
Happy Holidays.

Heather said...

Sounds similar to my list. Tis' the season!