Blessings and Gifts!

I Feel so Blessed! Yesterday At work I was so Blessed by 1 of my clients! She knows what I like;) I got this adorable Boyds Bear dressed in an M&M (which I have an M&M collection) and this YUMMY gift card for sheri's coffee house. This is the Best gift! Thank you Karen! This little guy looks adorable on my m&m tree! I will Thoroughly enjoy the coffee gift card SO much! Love it!!!! Thank you Lord for the special clients you have given me!
I feel so Blessed to have my sight, hearring, smell, touch, Taste, ( I LOVE my food)legs to walk, etc!All these things we take for granted! Thank you Lord for all the Blessings you give us continually! Thank you Lord for the changes you are making in my Family! Thank you for the miracles! I also Thank the Lord for wonderful people like you! Blessings everyone!

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Nadine said...

That is a blessing. He's such a cute little bear. Coffee gift card...that's the way to my heart too.

Anonymous said...

Just wish God would distribute the blessings a little more evenly. I think He lost my address a long time ago...

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes for happiness and health to you and your family in 2008.