Christmas Morning

Yes this is what it looked like in our living room christmas morning! See that Blue envelope in the tree?It was the article in the newspaper about the addition to KALAHARI Indoor waterpark
This place is just amazing! I have toured it 2 times now and cannot wait to go! This envelope was a family gift from us as we will be staying a night there later in January! The other family gift you see here is the CORNHOLE game! This will be fun to play with as a family! The stocking were filled with beef sticks and beef jerky which they all love and they all got black bits of coal bubblegum, to symbolize that IF they are bad they will get coal so they need to know that it is not a threat!:) Their mouths turn black from chewing it too, it is lovely! The older 2 kids got scooters which we bought with them on our vacation last summer, ( I am sure they are dying to use them but will have to wait till winter is over) And Kedric wanted a dirt bike! All and all we told the kids to pick 1-2 gifts besides and thats it! ( as far as their pickings) Jelena was due for a ladies purse, isn't it adorable? She also got a Dogs fashion game for her SP( gameboy advance)

Adam got MY SIMS DS game (he so badly wanted)for his DS,
Kedric wanted this John Deere Combine, which he loves!
Next they mostly got clothes...It was something they needed and besides Christmas is for giving! They will be learning this more and more!;)
Adam got new jeans he was happy as he desperately needed them!
what could be better then underware? Socks, socks and more socks!;)
Lucy got a new bed, (which I think Maddie likes more) She also got cat treats, and a baby blanket!
Maddie got these 3 lollipops squeak, squeak, squeak! and this bed as now she has 2 and with lucys it makes 3! We also got her these small raw hide bones which she almost choked so we better stay with the pig ears! We had a lovely not to rushed morning! Went to moms around 1 and finished the day there will post that next!

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annie said...

I bought Bailey new jeans too, he has grown so much his jeans are all looking too short! He wasn't thrilled about them when opening them, but now is happy to have them. Looks like a wonderful morning in the palm tree household!

Shaunda said...

WOW! looks like santa was good to all you. We Love CORNHOLE here. Did you have them made for you guys? Thank you for all the wonderful pics

palmtreefanatic said...

Yes Shaunda, We had it made and I bought the bags on ebay:)