Tackle It Tuesday

Todays Tackle Will be leaving you some informative cleaning tips!
Tip #1 Clean Pots while you sleep!
Just Soak them in Vinegar diluted with water, Vinegar is very acidic and that acid helps to loosen stuck- on food. Soak from 15 minutes to over night. Then simply rinse the remains away; your pots will be sparkling clean.

Tip #2 Deodorize overnight!
Instead of sprinkling carpet freshener---or using products that just perfume the air---simply set out a bowl of vinegar overnight, and you'll wake up to a fresher-smelling home, The vinegar will absorb any nasty odors, but not leave a scent itself. It will just smell clean.
I hope these neat time and money saving tips help you...enjoy!
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Miranda said...

Hmmm interesting about leaving the vinegar out and it not leaving a smell. I think I may try that.

Nadine said...

Who would have thought that vinegar has so many neat uses.

Shaunda said...

Great TIPS...vinegar is AWESOME!!!