Heads or Tails

Todays Theme is 3, to see more heads or Tails visit SKITTLES PLACE...

When I think of 3 I think of the fact that I have 3 children. Also I think of how hard it is for Kedric to master making a 3 in the right direction. He insists on making them backwards for the most part!
3 Things I ask for christmas EVERY YEAR ( I keep wishing and hoping;)
1. Starbucks and or Sheri's coffee gift cards
2. Victoria Secrets gift card/ lotion etc...( I just bought myself;))
3. Good Dark Chocolate...
3 Meals I enjoy having are...
1. Pizza
2. Chicken
3. Spaghetti
3 Reasons I love this time of year
1. Snow is white and fresh looking
2. It is a joyous time of the year for most
3. I love christmas music (WDOK)
3 Christmas songs I love
1. Christmas Cannon
2.Carol Of The Bells
3. Auld Lang Syne
3 Restaurants I love
1. Chinese Buffet (20 min away)
3.East Of Chicago Buffet
3 Places I would love to visit someday
1. Hawaii
2. Italy
3. Jamaica

I could go on and on but will stop here! Happy (3) Tuesday everyone!

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Natalie said...

I'd love to visit those places too. I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon, but would love to go back!

Nadine said...

I always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Mishelle said...

I can find something I love in every one of your lists of three!


smarmoofus said...

Oooh, travel destination dream list! What a great idea! I was thinking of going to Hawaii next year... but then I became single. :/ I hope you get to go soon.

Andrée said...

I like your lists. They are upbeat and positive. I think you do the same thing I do: buy my own presents! It's really fun!

tegdirb92 said...

and good dark chocolate is so hard to find! I enjoyed your lists today. Have a great Tuesday!

Angelika said...

Oh Lord. When I was at Wal-Mart yesterday all I could think was "I wish they'd turn off that stupid Celine Dion Christmas music. WHY is it so loud???"

Just call me Angeliscrooge. :-)

Mine's up!

Skittles said...

I think I could eat spaghetti every night of the week!!!

I love Christmas music. I mean.. who doesn't?? Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites along with Oh Holy Night.

My kids had an awful time making the 3 go the right way!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh, you came up with a whole lot better ideas than I did for the "3" things. It's like my brain skittered off when I started.

Happy Tuesday!

peppylady said...

Great list.
I don't believe I've heard the song "Christmas Cannon" every.
I'm writing it down so I can check it out later.

Misty Dawn said...

Love your list of threes. You really made me start craving some good pizza though ;-)

Smalltown RN said...

great list....your list of Christmas song...I thought I knew them all but I don't know the first 2....and the places you like to eat...never heard of them either...Hawaii is beautiful...if you can go sometime you should...

Vixen said...

What a great group of lists!

Happy Tuesday.

Lifecruiser.com said...

Oh, I'd love to visit those places too! I've been to Italy once, for 4 days, in Milano, but that's all and Italy got so many beautiful places!