7 Weird Things about me Meme

I been tagged not once but TWICE thanks to KC and Becky!
ok well I am to write 7 Weird things about me...Hmmm...Here goes

1. like Becky, I too have to be barefoot. I cannot Stand shoes on especially in the house. I prefer to feel "comfortable" and I feel this way with no shoes. All year around! I also really do not even like to wear socks but socks in shoes is a must. Sometimes I wear up to 3-4 pairs a DAY! once they been on and come off they will NOT go back on again! Too wet of course! And too much info, sorry;)
I have a sweating problem....(sigh)
Which brings me to
2.since I have a terrible nervous condition my hands sweat so bad if I think about it they sweat and I can see the moisture arise to the surface. I know Gross and very weird eh?
3.I have to wake up early to get my work done. (6am)I have a weird sence, If I do not have my scrubbing done( baths) or major cleaning going by 9-10 am forget it! Better luck tomorrow...I am an early bird...and I loose that major ambition...Though I still stay busy, it just takes the fizz out of my day!
4.I am deathly afraid of heights, but yet I will ride the tallest roller coaters made.
5.I love to do manicures for others, yet in general I HATE fingernails. They look beautiful done up, but for me? I prefer them short and hate taking care of them! I go crazy with a jagged nail I will not do a thing till it is taken care of!
I also cannot stand to see my toe nails unpainted!
6.my son says I am weird because I have to take photos of food before I eat it, ONLY if it looks amazing to be remembered, because I have to post it on my blog, weird? Maybe it is, maybe I am just obsessed with picture taking or obsessed with my blog, OR maybe I just love food to much, yeah thats it! I am so weird!;)
7. I love The way indian women Dress! I love salwars, saris(tops) kameez(bottoms) dupattas(scarfs),and anything of the sort.Those fabrics are to DIE FOR GORGEOUS!
Yet when I do wear them I get looked upon that I am weird? Ah who cares, I now KNOW I am!
Gee that was fun, thanks for letting me know just how weird I am!:)
Now I tag
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Nadine said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll work on it. You know I have that whole hate to wear shoes on my feet too. I'm always barefoot unless I'm wearing one of funny slippers. Hey, I'll use this one for one of my answers.

Jodi said...

I can relate to your #6!! I will have mine up in a bit.

Miranda said...

Great Meme,...I'll do one in a bit, and let you know when its up.

Susan is terrified of heights too.

annie said...

I can relate to many of those!

Susan said...

First off miranda stop telling on Me, lol,I can do that Myself..tyvm..and second, the sweating part is not weird, My daughter actually has that problem, she was born with that problem with her hands and feet, and what it is is enlarged sweet glands, and I actually have good news for you as it has always been a big issues, that I had to read and read and read and seek medical attention for her...there was two solutions one was to sugerically remove the sweat glands which we found for some odd reason it moves to a different part of the body like your back and such so thats was not an option...and then we found the perfect answer...its a medication called HYPERCARE SOULTION, it is prescription and it works wonders, its a roll on, My daughter applys it to her feet and hands and what it does is shrink the sweat glands, and she only does it like 3 times a week...and leads a normal life...it was actually quite bad, her socks had to be changed 6 times a day, had problem getting fungus on her toes nails, she couldnt touch paper cause it would get soaked..or even shake peoples heads and if she got nervous, scared or anything it made it even worse, now with this solution she does not have these problems anymore..so pls ask your doctor, or dermetolgist about this solution and get it, its not expensive...

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! thank you susan for the info! I am so excited to hear this!

KC said...

Fun Meme Tina, Thanks for playing..
And WOW how exciting to find out from Susan about this new medication.. how cool is that.