Sundays happenings!


Look at That Spread! I know I know, more food on my Blog! WELL Since My blog is turning into a cooking site ( ha ha) you will have to deal with it;) At least until I start taking my diet seriously! I tried some new appetizers. They were great! We had Ham Roll ups,cheese cubes with pretzel sticks and Hot sauce for optional dipping, Mini cheeseburger crescents, bacon appetizers, pigs in a blanket, veggies and dip, chili cheese dip and nachos. We also had little sweetened sausages,black olives, and pepperoni dip and crackers... and Party punch to drink! OH and for Dessert We had these amazing cookie treats you can see more at Pioneer womans blog and we had Big Mamas yummy Toffee... Not all came that were SUPPOSED to for various reasons, But Bills Parents came and we all had a nice visit! Dh's Dad and the kids!
DH's mom and her boy friend and the kids
We ended the day watching the GRIDIRON GANG
Good movie! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!
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ShaggaBear said...

good looking food! (again) and such a pretty display! You could start (another) side business.

Shaunda said...

WOW! GREAT looking food!