Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackles Today are Jelenas Closet with finished pictures and Adams hair! He has been needing a haircut but with the longer styles I was Not alowed to cut it till one night he asked me at 9pm, I probably would have done it at midnight if he'd asked!;)

These are before photos of Jelenas Very Yellow and MESSY closet!
Everything out except the rack!
Now the painting begins, ultra white,
Wala! Here is the finished look! With small Storage containers labled and a new shoe shelf her closet is now organized and CLEAN! Woo hoo! when the room is completed we will also be putting up beads instead of the doors... She will have a VERY hip room when it is completed! ( stay tuned)
Onto Adams Hair! Here is before and willing and ready for a hair cut!
Side view... This is so bad!
and now here is after!

Mommy was so happy to see this beaming shiny happy face! My Handsome boy, I Found you under all that hair!;)
I hope everyone had fun with their tackles today! I personally have missed so much being on here as my computer has been needing help since sunday! But I will have you all know I am alive and well!
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Stayllo said...

I love what you did with the closet! That picture got me motivated! Adams's hair look great!

KC said...

Great job on the closet.
Adam's hair looks wonderful.

Jodi said...

You did a great job on the closet!! The haircut looks good to!! I so wish Trent would let me get his haircut... he is looking really bad, but he is adament on NOT cutting his hair. Ugh!

Seis said...

Wow! you got that whole closet done in a Day!!

Shionge said...

You are wonderful Tina, always on the Go!!!

Tinsie said...

You can come sort my wardrobes - not to mention do my hair - any time! Any time at all :-)