13 things I want from Pampered Chef since I had my party last sunday, otherwise known as my wish list!
1. The whole kit
2.Bakers roller, (mine is 10 yrs old and they will not replace it the screw in it rusted out ugh!so I need a new one)!
3. Easy adjustable measure cup
4.can strainer
5.#5 utility knife
6.mix n chop
7. mix n masher
8. Flour/ sugar shaker
9. medium scoop
10.I- Slice
11. Food Chopper
12. Apple peeler/ corer/ slicer I HAD one of these till it broke!
13.The Sweet Caramel Sprinkle, that sounds so yummy!
Ok, time for reality!;)
Happy Thursday!
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Jodi said...

Nice wish list!! I have all of those!! I love my apple peeler/corer/slicer! The best invention ever!! Well next to the stones (which I have a lot of!)

Michelle P said...

I love Pampered Chef! I have several of the things on your list...but I always find more that I need :)