Oh What a Night

What a night! I have 3 children my baby is 6yrs, anyone who has children knows that you won't get a good night sleep till their 18? Well I can agree! About 2am these days my youngest (6yr old) yells for me, Mom, Mom, MOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! I say What? He says I need some milk! I'm Thirsty! OK! I get up and get him some milk! Make him go to the potty, and all is well, he has been doing this alot lately and it has been taking me 2 hrs to get back to sleep, UGH! Not last night! Last night I went back to bed to be awaken by the dog at 3am! She sleeps on my bed every night and stays asleep till After I awake at 6am! Not last night however! She woke up barking by the door to go out at 3am! I then had to lay there with 1 eye opened thinking she will bark to come in any time! Nope! I had to bribe her 10 min later with a treat, FINALLY she comes in.I gave her some water, she drank more then usual,
I finally went to bed back to sleep at 3:45 THEN I just so happened to get a big bloody nose!4:30 FINALLY back to sleep, just to be awakened by the alarm...6 am already? I went downstairs to get my oldest up he likes to be awakened early not sure why since he dont get physically up till 6:45 but anyway I stepped in Dog barf, 1 small spot and 1 HUGE spot! What can be better then waking up to scrubbing carpet???SIGH...I hope tonight is a better night! I think a Sheri's coffee might make me feel better!
Happy weekend everyone!
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Stayllo said...

Sounds like a terrible night! Isn't funny that we actually think we are going to sleep better when they are older?? We had one of those nights on Sunday.

ShaggaBear said...

Calgon, take me away!

Here's hoping for a restful day today.

The Fantastic Fuleki 4! said...

We've been havin those nites too with Josh! He goes to bed at 8pm and seems to be WIDE AWAKE at 5:30am and absolutely has to come into our room and wake us up. He is a chatterbox and must have extra bottled up energy because he wont be still...keeps us up the rest of the "night"! Have a great weekend!

Sandy's Notes said...

Maybe this will only happen every four years since it seemed to all happen on February 29th.

I feel for you Tina, I remember those days where I was running on next to nothing. I look back now and wonder how on earth I did it.

Midlife Mom said...

Nothing's any worse then stepping in some dog barf when you get up in the night! For me it is cat barf as I don't have a dog. Noodles ate some of a plant yesterday and barfed that up! GAG! I hope you get more sleep, we all need our 7-8 hours to really feel our best. Can you nap for a few minutes during the day?