Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well I know by now you are dying to see the finished results of my daughters bedroom. They are not quite complete but so much closer to being done! The wallpaper was indeed put up on sunday and it looks, may I say AMAZING! I feel I did an amazing job coordinating colors and patterns to the room! I love it! She does too and if my computer would work right I would display some photos but they will be still to come! My neighbor has been building a box/window seat/ storage unit for Jelena. I need to paint yellow on the trim and then we will paper the whole box in what is left from the paper in the room! I can't wait for you all to see it! The beads were hung last night and so cool it looks! We also hung a full length mirror... Todays plan is to hang the long shelf up so we can display her webkins on that...

I have alot of tackles and errands to run today! So todays tackles are
  • go to the Vet, get a stool sample checked for Lucy
  • take a small load to the clothing bank
  • Go shopping for groceries, (sorted with coupons etc)
  • go shopping to find a bed set and lamp for Jelenas room( TARGET)
  • return some items to Old Navy
  • Get a large FREE starbucks drink( the best part of my day)
  • laundry
  • more cleaning
  • gotta go to walmart for misc cleaning items, litter etc...

IF I have time after all that I need to watch a movie a frd is letting me borrow need to return it soon! So those are my tackles hope everyone has a prosperous Tuesday

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Lynne said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures, putting up wallpaper is certainly no small tackle!

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like you have a very busy day ahead of you. Whew!

I'm excited about seeing the finished project. It is always such fun to see what others have accomplished. I'll bet that you will be glad when you are finished too.

corrin said...

that's quite a list. good luck!

Shionge said...

Whew! You are indeed a wonder woman and yes you deserved a free cuppa and a movie too :D

Midlife Mom said...

Can't wait to see that bedroom all done! You sure have worked hard on it and I know it will be gorgeous!!! You always have a long tackle list, nice to be young and have all that energy! :O)

Congratulations on all the awards you have been getting, very much deserved, you have a great blog!

I took some pictures this past week of palm trees just for you! I will be posting them in the next few days, I did part one of my trip tonight and will try to get part two done. Needled Mom was there too!! She is a dear friend that I met at this convention a few years ago.

Heather said...

Hope you made it through that list! And so looking forward to those pics of your daughter's room!

Nadine said...

I hope you enjoyed your Starbucks. That would have been the best part of my day too.

The Edwards said...

THATS sure is a list!