I am SO excited!

Thats Right folks! You have no idea, the burden has been lifted! My Angel Justin Fell from the sky yesterday to my home! He has worked on my computers in the past but has moved 3 hrs away now. Lucky for me he came for a visit and spent alot of it here reconfiguring my whole computer. There was no plan to this evening other then seeing and asking him at church!
My 12 yr old likes to think he can fix things and I have a bad feeling he deleted important files that lead to my plug and play and my speakers... I am SO happy to have my camera working on here again that NOW I can diplay the photos of my daughters room! Stay tuned for that, he was here till 1:30 am and will be back today to instal a couple more things! Thank you Justin, what a life saver you are!

Today Is a busy day! I am going to a baby shower for a cousin that lives in Arizona! She is coming for this and she is having a boy due in May! So this is pretty neat! I do not know this cousin too well so it should be alot of fun!

Tonight we are starting Cleasning Stream with our church. This too has been long over due as they do it twice a year and we could never work it out before...

Then it is on to my new job monday as I got a new job I only work there on Mondays! And thats just the start to my busy week!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Weekend!

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Nadine said...

I'm very happy about your computer and those issues are resolved. Yeah!!!

Midlife Mom said...

Nothing like having ones computer working right again!!! I sooooo hear you on that one!!! You should go over to Chic Critique as they are looking for guest reviewers on products and you could write about the products in your previous post. Your cookbook should be there by now, I hope you are enjoying it and I will expect a package in the mail of all the goodies you make! lol! Will you still work your Saturday job too?

KC said...

WooHoo... congrats on getting the computer fix..
You got a new job??? Did I miss that in a past post?? I don't recall reading about it, You will have to come back and tell us all about it.
Stop by my blog you have been tagged, Look under the Meme Monday #5 post.

Jodi said...

Yay! Can't wait to see her room! You will be truely amazed at what Cleansing Stream does for you! I have gone through the class twice now, and oh my!

ShaggaBear said...

Wow, I don't read for a few days and you have a new job! Where? What?

So glad Justin fixed your computer. Love the pictures of Jelena's room.