I love the Magic Eraser! It is a great item to work with! I used it to clean my fridgerator, the white side panels especially. It took off all the grey streaks! Forget the before posts, does this frig sparkle or what? ( Double click to see the sparkle) This tackle is completed now to get on with my day... I have a busy day today!
I took Adam to school today at 8am as he goes early tuesday and thursday to get ready for achievement tests. Much to my surprise when he got there and the school was dark I waited and sure enough I thought is there a delay? how odd...I then went home and looked it up and THERE IS! HOW DUMB IS THAT??? WHY What on earth for? I think this is getting a bit carried away on these delays and days off this year! Luckily my DH is going in for an MRI( for knee) at 9 Or my kids would have been still awaiting the bus...So now here we are. After The bus comes I need to make a mad dash to Walmart (out of my Huge contractor trash bags) I also need to develop my kids snow photos so I can clear my camera! Then at noon I need to go into work as I have 1 customer I need to do that I could not do on Saturday due to blizzard! Then come home do laundry, clean house and then take kedric to the Dr.s for a monthly check up, Then come home feed the family, then off to the pampered chef party I am invited too! Good thing I made up the Sour kraut soup( recipe below) last night it has been in the slow cooker smelling tasty ever since! WellI hope everyone has a prosperous Tackling Tuesday!


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Wow, that does look fantastic! And sourkraut soup sounds really tasty!

Needled Mom said...

I'm exhausted after reading your schedule for Monday!

LOVE those Magic erasers. With all the wee ones here, I have so many fingerprints on my walls and they clean up like a breeze.

My favorite P.C. pitcher broke and I have been waiting to be invited to another party. :(

Niki said...

Great tackle!

The Edwards said...

LOOKS Great! I try to do ours on the 4 Thursday of the month it's a work out in itself.

I truly LOVE those MAGIC ERASERS. They do work better wet.

Jamie said...

Great job! I love the magic eraser :-)

Liz McCoy said...

u go girl!!! I love magic eraser tooo!!! my mom turned me onto them they're AMAZING!! great for getting finger prints and mark on the wall, etc. etc. I've never used it in the fridge I'll have to share that with mom.

And boy does your frig look awesome!!