Know and Tell Friday ~ week 15


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Question 1
Do you color your hair (give me some background info on this one)? Absolutely! Every 3 weeks! I am 60% gray and Need to, being a beautician and all! I have been coloring it since I was in cosmetology school, but not nearly as often as now, because now it is not for fun but for necessity! And I prefer Red, I like auburn...

Question 2
What is one thing that you do with your family (or by yourself) to celebrate Easter? We watch Passion Of The Christ, And color easter Eggs, that is we meaning the kids and I. Easter Sunday I Usually have parents over after church for dinner. My father hides the eggs for an egg hunt...

Question 3
How old was your oldest living relative (still living or in the past)? My Grandfather is going strong at 93! He has had a garden up until last year and he mows 2 acres of lawn on a tractor still too! He is amazing!

Question 4
What is one thing that can be a “time waster” to you? Computer, especially when it is slow working, I REALLY hate that!

Question 5
Most annoying bug? MOSQUITOS! I avoid going out in the dark because of them, and I HATE them buzzing in my ear!!!

Bonus Questions
Question 6
What does Easter mean to you?
It is Resurrection Day!

Question 7
(Feel free to pass on this question) Is there currently a sin that you are holding onto, and you know you should let go of? Bitterness is something that I tend to hold on to. I know it is not healthy, and I am working hard at letting this go.

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Nadine said...

Your answer to your last question was so honest. I think everyone works on that one.

I color my hair too. I have more gray hairs than my 83 year old mom.

annie said...

I have been noticing a few gray hairs lately. UGH. I still do just highlights and it seems to hide them well enough.
I can never see myself going "natural" if gray is involved...

Jodi said...

Great answers, especially your last one *wink*.