know and Tell friday

Question 1
I have been blogging for a year this month, so my question is what made you start your blog?
I got the idea from my friend Rachel, I have a blog for a place to put my thoughts, feelings, accomplishements, and share family happenings with family all over the state!
Question 2
Do you speak another language? If so, why or how did you learn it? I took Spanish in school but sad to say I did not learn a thing!
Question 3
Morning person, or night owl (or somewhere in between)? morning person!
Question 4
Do you exercise on a regular basis?I wish I did!
Question 5
If money were not an object what is one thing you would like to do for another person? have more money to "give"
Question 6
What is one of your favorite attributes of our Lord God? just 1?Waiting on God's timing is probably the HARDEST thing for an impatient person such as myself but it always turns out to be a good thing in the end, his timing is perfect!
Question 7
Have you ever thought about adoption or foster care? No, I think you have a calling for this gift. I have a dear friend who fosters and puts every ounce of energy into it, yet struggles with their past issues....Blessings to all those that foster,
as far as Adoption? That too is a wonderful thing! Blessings to those people as well, I have enough to take care of my trio, 3 Blessings are enough for me!;)

Thanks “To Know Him” for another week of great questions.

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Toknowhim said...

Thanks for participating this week.. I liked your answers to the last two questions especially...

Heather said...

Once again I agree with most of your answers! Well put:)I also got the idea from a friend who started one. How nice it has been to have a place to put things and I love to go back and see old posts. Have a great Friday and Great Weekend.

genny said...

Blogging is fun and i enjoy it too. Happy weekend.

annie said...

Love your answers Tina!

Jodi said...

Great answers Tina! Have an awesome Friday!

Midlife Mom said...

Those are great thoughtful answers, very well put. I agree that one is given a gift to be able to foster, it's not for everyone as some of us would never be able to let them go once we had them and if we had to it would be a gut wrenching experience that I know myself I would never be able to cope with.

Lana G! said...

So true on number 6! Have a great weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I think you are the first morning person I have seen on these questions. :-) I can do mornings when I have to, but naturally I prefer to be up late. My thoughts on the adoption/foster care question were fairly similar to yours.

KC said...

Great answers..