Thursday Thirteen - lists!

13 Things we are trying to buy in the soon coming months!
( Lord Help me to save and spend my money wisely so I can make my list happen)

1. A Door For Adams room, his is so busted in!
2. paint for the basement
3.Heating duct fixed for Jelenas Room to be warmer,( it is almost as cold as outside)
4. Battery for my car, ( my car bearly starts)
5. TV for Adams Room ( his died)
6.Cleansing stream ( Bible Study that we need to pay for, hotel and retreat coming up)
7.Drinking glasses ( with my kids drying dishes more then half are broken)
8.Ceiling Fan For Kedrics room
9. Valley Beach Family Pass
10.Toilet Seat for the bathroom x 2. We had cheap ones and they are rotting! You get what you pay for!
11. Rec Center passes ran out march 1st. Would like to get that some time again!
12. POSSIBLY Get Adams Room Drywalled so it is more like a normal room, we are still debating this route!
13. Karate lessons for Adam, as he has been DYING to take them for some time now!

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Miranda said...

Wow...lots of things to do. I think I have to many things I need to get to compress down to 13 lol.

Heather said...

Sounds like Adam has pretty hard on some stuff, hee, hee. Lots of things to get! Good thing we make lists to remind us. Have a great day!

Miranda said...

Psst...got some palm tree shots posted. lol.

Needled Mom said...

That is quite a list. I always enjoy your Thursday 13 postings.

Nadine said...

I pray that the Lord provide in abundance for all your needs.

I know I've said this before, but I love this blog design.

Jodi said...

Good luck!!

Midlife Mom said...

Lots of great things to do. I hope you get them all done soon! Have a wonderful Easter!! xoxox