When will it end?

Well I didn't post yesterday as I felt SO miserable! I came down with a terrible chest ingested cough so DH decided I BETTER go see a Dr. as he hates when I wake him up all night barking like a dog;) So fine Between sitting in the Dr.s office and pharmacy, I was there for over 3 hrs! It was horrible, I had to go around with a low grade fever and the feeling of passing out! I was miserable!
So finally after getting my antibiotic, and cough over the counter prescription I came home to rest as it hurt to even open my eyes. I think the fever finally broke about 4am this morning! Now it is backa bit higher! To make matters a bit worse for me, Adam Went to bed saying he didn't feel well, While I encouraged him to sleep upstairs as it can be a long way to go from a top bunk out of his room and up stairs into the bathroom he said he would be fine. I gave him a bucket in case. About 1:30 am it hit him and PRAISE GOD he made it to the bathroom! Honestly my stomach is so week as the medicines I am taking will leave me with headache and nausea and so you can only imagine how this was making me feel! I hate to be sick when my kids are because I feel I cannot take care of them properly! Funny how when vomiting all he was worried about was having to go to school and wondering how he could play his Sax...lol! I said oh no you wont be in school tomorrow! Thank you Jesus for making us all better soon! It must get better as I think we have all had the crud!
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Jodi said...

*hugs* sweetie!! Hope you all feel better soon!!

KC said...

UGH UGH UGH (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

ShaggaBear said...

Praying for your speedy recovery!