3 Things about me meme

Heather @ 10000-things tagged me for a meme
I need to post 3 things about me and tag 5 people...hmmm

1. I am so looking foreward to Summer 80-90 degrees of hot blazing sun on my body at the beach! I think I can almost feel it now;) Which brings me to the reason I love palm trees! I love that tropical feel but would feel to scared to start my life over in another state as I was born and raised here all my life! I deal with the cold Winter! I prefer to have a warm house and do not like to sleep in the air conditioning or really have it on much! I do not like to be cleaning with sweat dripping but I do not sweat much! I guess A/C is great if you are going to be "working" in it otherwise, not!

2. I LOVE things to be neat and Tidy, no shocker here to most. But honestly I feel more productive if I do not have this( dishes, laundry, piles of mess) hanging over my head! I love to organize after I have Caffeine (see below)...

3. I really love Caffeine! A good cup of yummy flavored coffee or a GREEN TEA
diet Pill, gives me incredible energy! The more I am reading about Caffeine its not such a bad thing either! It is a good source of Fiber! Caffeine with exercise may help ward off skin cancer!! Here are some more true facts!

  • Improves your ability to think clearly and solve problems, and can actually raise your IQ

  • Increases your short-term memory, helps you concentrate, and relieves boredom

  • Is a powerful antioxidant, combating muscle damage and helping you to stay younger

  • Improves your mood and overcomes depression, creating an "attitude of success"

  • Helps you run, swim, and cycle longer and faster

  • Increases the painkilling power of common analgesics and is itself a strong pain reliever

  • Grows brain cells in the areas of the brain responsible for long-term memory

ok, now to tag 5 people...
1.Adventures In Mommyhood
5. LIZ

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curryegg said...

Hello tina.. how are you recently? It has been a long time I didnt visit your blog. Hope that everything is fine to you..
I love green tea! I will have it when ever I'm having sushi.. hehe.. ;)

Shionge said...

Green tea is good after a heavy meal ;)

Coffee is my perk-me-up too :D

Midlife Mom said...

Diet Coke is my only caffine splurge. It does help when I have a lot to do. Hummmm....let me think, three things about me??????I'll get right on it! :o)

Kellie said...

MMMmmmmm caffeine! I love caffeine! It's been one of the harder things to give up during my pregnancy. *giggle*

Great meme! Happy Friday! :o)

CanCan said...

I love tea of any kind! (well, white tea is kind of gross...)
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I hope you can come!