Kedrics Art Show

Wednesday late Afternoon The children (that get extra help from the Learning Zone), had an art Show at Roberts Art Gallery! I wasn't sure what to expect! They had all the kids' art work on display and parents and Friends were encouraged to purchase them. Here is Kedric all proud! The items ranged from .25- $5.00

Here is his arm painted on canvas
Here is his Deer mask, This was really good
This is his memory maker/ holder... Ok So I had to buy SOMETHING so I bought this as it is most practical! I bought it for him! He can keep his little odds and ends in it! I was quite impressed with it! And it was only $1.00! All the other items not purchased will be saved and displayed from year to year when they have this art show again!

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Tinsie said...

Great idea! Kedric certainly seems very proud. Well done :-)

Needled Mom said...

Awww....how sweet. I think you have a budding artist there. This is a great idea.

HLiza said...

Wonderful! He's one proud boy I can see..

Nadine said...

Great job. He's such the little artist and very cute too.