Kedrics Room

Well we did a mini make over to Kedrics room! We had to paint his ceiling as it was never done and it was flaking off around the edges! We just painted it white! Here is how it looked before!
We had to buy him a new mattress as the other one was So so so uncomfortable! you could feel the coils in it! Now he has a nice pillow top mattress! So cozy now!
We also put this book shelf in his room so now he can have more shelves and books in his room!
Project complete! We took out the "Cars" decor to put in Camouflage... We left a few cars items in there like his bed pillow which has his name on it and the cars lamps will be staying for now!
So what a re you tackling?

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Shionge said...

Sure looks more cozy now...can I stay in his room is ever I do visit you ;)

palmtreefanatic said...

sure shionge! absolutely!

Liz McCoy said...

oh such a great tackle!!! I tackled my dresser this weekend and cleaned off all the clutter! AHHHHH so much nicer!!!

Jodi said...

Great job!!

Tinsie said...

Great tackle! I love the teddy bears.