Last night late, my Dear friend Teri came for a visit! She is working 2 jobs so we never get to see her! She came at almost 8pm last night so she could give Kedric his birthday gift( he got Atari for the TV and batteries, along with a bubble set) and the kids all got money for Easter! It was a late night as we had much catching up to do! She stayed till almost 3am as I did most of the talking ( big shock I know) I was loaded on caffeine so I survived;) It was so nice to see her!
Today is going to be 65 degrees even warmer tomorrow but I have to work, so for today I will enjoy it as it will be the last of the kids spring break!
Happy Weekend Everyone!
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Shionge said...

That's nice of Teri and bet you are staying awake now Tina :)

Happy weekend pal :d

Tinsie said...

It's always nice to catch up with good friends, and well worth staying up late from time to time. Happy weekend from me too!