Tackle It- A work in Progress

Todays Tackles have not been done by me but by professionals! Below is a photo of our landscaping before they came! It is in desperate need!

Click on the logo above for some outstanding work they do!

A work in progress...
Hard at work!
Finished look here and pouring rain sorry this is the best I could get in the pouring rain!
I LOVE IT! Now we need to get some mulch!

These shrubs needed trimmed badly too!

Next tackle... Cutting holes in the rooms and floor for better ventilation...

Well there' s always something to do when you are a homeowner... Happy Tackling everyone!

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Needled Mom said...

So many projects going on.....I'm tired just watching all that work!!!!

I love the landscaping. It looks so inviting.

butterflygirl said...

Landscaping looks great!

Jodi said...

Great tackles!!

Nadine said...

Lots of stuff going on. I love the landscaping.

BTW - I posted a special picture just for you today.