Fun Day out!

What makes the perfect day? Spending quality time with friends, Coffee @ Starbucks, dinner @ cheddars, shopping @ a discount clothing store, and catching a good movie at the discount theater! Well Teri and I did that! We had a great time. So nice to get away!

We watched this movie Taken I thought it was a REALLY good movie even though I do not like Action movies much! If you like a movie to keep you on the edge of your seat then this is the movie for you!****

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Nadine said...

You did have fun... I saw Taken - it was very good and action packed. It had me at the end of my seat.

Tinsie said...

Guess what movie I watched last night!!!

Jodi said...

Fun times!!! That was a good movie! And you can't beat discount shopping!!

HLiza said...

You always have amazing hairstyle on..oops I forgot you're a hairstylist..and man..that smile is contagious. I wanted to lecture you on those coffee..but well..life's too short to think too much. I indulge in Starbucks some time too..he he..but not as crazy as you! Glad you had some lovely girly time!