Busy Busy Weekend!

Well As you know Friday was our 17th Wedding Anniversary! Bill and I managed to get out for a quick date! We went to the movies ( I know shock shock as We NEVER do this together) But we had fun we seen this fun Romantic Comedy which I thought was really fitting celebrating an anniversary and all! Click on the link below and you can see a clip of the movie! After the movie we went and had All you can eat pizza buffet at East Of Chicago Pizza! It wasn't the plans I had originally hoped for but due to bad storms we needed to get back to our children!

Saturday was almost a Blur...I worked from 8-4 dashed to the Hospital to do my Client having troubles, Then dashed home to grab the kids and go to my cousins Birthday fun! Here she is, Lydia turned 12! We then had to rush off to church...So by the time I got home I was seriously ready to crash! Bill worked on pressure washing the house all day! It looks great!
Sunday I cooked for the family and my parents! Bill left fishing with Jelena early and they were out there having a good time on our little boat for 6 hrs!
Then my parents came after church and we enjoyed Brats, cheesy potatoes, mixed fruit, and veggies. Then Brownie sundaes for dessert!
I rubbed my dads back as he is having bad back troubles, and gave him a long lasting foot massage, so He slept while Mom and I enjoyed our movies I rented! I already seen them but she hasn't so it was fun watching them again!

So then it was time to go, I had to help my dad get his socks on and he said I should have been a nurse. LOL!!! WELL I told him NO WAY Could I have the knee strength for that! I could pass out just taking care of some of my older clients! Anyone who thinks Beauticians work is all makeup and beauty have no clue at all! I should write a book! LOL!
So here's my dad, He feels great well except the back isn't as good as it needs to be but he is relaxed and ready to head home! So what did you do for Father's Day?

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Jodi said...

Busy weekend!!

Tinsie said...

Wow! Looks like you had a very full weekend. We don't celebrate Father's Day in Greece, so I didn't do anything special in that respect, just went to the beach with my friends to swim and sunbathe.

The Proposal's coming out in Greece on June 25th and my friend and I are really looking forward to it.