Weekend Fun!

Friday night we enjoyed going to Belle's Graduation party. It was fun to see and visit with everyone. She is a Fine young lady! Unfortunately my pics I took of her got deleted from my new camera, (sigh) So I took this from mama Lily's blog!
this was a pic taken before PROM...

We also found out that night that Andrew is going off to another state! We will miss him as he was a precious addition to our church family! He is also a Great inspiration to our youth!

Saturday- our dear friend Marilyn was heading for a vacation to EGYPT! My dear Husband took her at 4:30am! so by evening I was no good for anything since I worked all day and got up when he did!

Seems like every Sunday we enjoy a family day at Cedar Point! LOVE IT! My kids have the best memories of this place! Click on the pic below and it will take you to a You tube video of what their show is! After everyone cleared the place out I got bold and asked them to gather for a group shot! Is it awesome or what?! We enjoyed watching this show 3 times now! It is the best and will go back to see it again! I am trying to have Adam make me a video so soon enough We will be playing our version but for now you can see it by clicking this pic! The show is called All Wheels Extreme

Below is a pic of the guys with CHARLIE BROWN

Bill teaching Adam how to drive;) haha

Another snoopy pic!

what did you do over the weekend?

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ShaggaBear said...

what did we do? graduation parties and planting more flowers. Fun!

looks like you had fun, too!!

Nadine said...

You had fun this weekend didn't you? Great pics.

I had a 25th anniversary celebration and also a new citizen BBQ today after church.

Jodi said...

You always have fun filled weekends!!!

Shionge said...

Great to see all the activities and happenings going on each week Tina, great bonding and get-together.