Kedrics Softball Team

Last week Kedric played against our cousin Heidi! It was fun to watch! Afterwards I snagged this photo!

Here is Kedrics Team minus 2 players that didn't make it! The weather was getting bad so it was nice we had this good of a turn out!

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Needled Mom said...

A little family rivalry????

Nadine said...

What little cutie pies.

Shionge said...

The girls are just as active in softball too in America? That is so cool ;D

Tinsie said...

So cute :-)

Who won?

Midlife Mom said...

That must have been an interesting game! Who did you cheer for, I bet both!

What an amazing trip your friend went on! The pictures are spectacular. Certainly a trip of a lifetime. Nice that you got to see all of the photos.

Your friends haircut and perm came out really well! 109 perm rods! Yikes! That's a lot of perm rods, don't think I have ever used that many on one person!!! Glad business has been good.

How about the recipe for the rice krispie squares?? Is it the same but you just add some melted chocolate? The look sooooooo good!xoxox