1st Day Of School

Nothing like the 1st Day of School! Adam and Jelena are Already to go!

Adam is so excited about his New Backpack ( Nintendo cheat codes)
And awesome new shoes! The 1st shoes he has picked that Mom really likes too!
READY For 8th Grade!!
I really Like Jelena's shoes as well! Aren't they cute?
All excited for the 7th Grade and 1st day in The Middle school!
Heres their Bus stop! They walk to the corner...Bus arrived late at 7:10 am
Bus arrived 20 min. late @ 7:10am!

Kedric is excited to start school! We chose to hold him back in the 2nd grade.

Kedric Got on His bus @ 8:18am...
Now since it is Bills Vacation I think we may take the day of rest to Soak City for some sun and fun!

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Needled Mom said...

I remember the excitement of that first day - all the new goodies and seeing your friends again. Too bad school work had to interfere with it!!!

The Downing 5 said...

1 day down...how many more to go? YIKES! Have fun at soak city!

Jodi said...

Great pics! Hope you two had some fun alone time together!

KC said...

They all looked great.. None of my kids were excited really to go back..There like there mom wanted more summer.

LOl about the comment while signed in under Adam.. I thought Adam had started reading my blog, I was just getting ready to head over to his and tell him thank you for the comment when you deleted it LOL..

HLiza said...

Oh new school term! They look so stylo and hip..finally some peace for mom at home..ha ha ha.

Nadine said...

The first day of school is so exciting. I agree those are cool new shoes. The kids look so nice and fresh and excited for the first day. I hope you enjoy your day and have some fun.