BIRTHDAY & Tackle It Tuesday Jelena's Ears Pierced

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELENA! August 1 Jelena turned 12 yrs old! We were heading home from KINGS ISLAND so we stopped at a Red Robbins and had burgers and all you can eat fries! Since it was Jelenas Birthday she got a free sundae, 2 ballons and they sang to her!
It was fun;)

When Jelena was 3-5 months old I got her Ears pierced. It was exciting for me to have a girl and get her ears pierced! Plus I could save her the pain down the road. Well as time went on her ears apparently were allergic to the nickel in them as they seemed to always get infected! Later on she wore them for special occasions. Still bloody and miserable we decided to forget earrings from then on! NOW as she gets older she wants them as I also want them for her darn it! So I seen that our pediatricians office now does BLOMDAHL. They are actually plastic studs! It seems crazy but they seem to never have any problems so We are hoping this is it! So here she is all nervous and tense...lol! She wanted to bring her purple fuzzy pillow to squeeze! I talked her out of that so she decided to squeeze my hand as I was trying to take the photo with the other hand! So this is one of her birthday gifts getting her ears pierced!

Not so bad she did wonderful!!!!! Here she is with Dr. Trippe!

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HLiza said...

Oh she's 12 already? Time flies..and look how sweet she is..! Ear-piercing is one special thing only girls know..she can use many non-nickle earrings after this and look fabulous!
Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

Needled Mom said...

What an exciting time in her life. I hope these work well for her and she can enjoy all the cute earrings that are out there now.