Cedar Point

Been a nice weekend! Saturday was the start to Bills Vacation, I worked all day then we went out for Olive garden and I ate big on the all you can eat pasta. It was yummy!
Sunday we spent a portion of the day at Cedar Point. Disappointing how busy it was for rides. long lines turn us off since we been so spoiled this long with hopping right on with little or no wait!
Here are some photos I took Sunday!

The Giant wheel - Standing 136 feet tall It is one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in North America. The Giant wheel has a diameter of 128 feet and sits on an 8 ft platform. It holds 36- six person cabins.

Jelena Bill and I finally rode this for the 1st time this year. It wasn't to bad either!
Here is the view looking up!

Here we are at the tip top looking down... ( Don't wiggle- ahem)

The Scrambler

The singers/ Dancers At the Red Garter Saloon( minus 1)
The day before school starts! What a Busy day we have ahead! Last night I worked hard to get Kedrics room spotless and cleaned! Today I plan to do the same on the older 2! Then finalize any items we still need to get for school, I got lots of veggies from the garden I need to cook up. And did I mention Laundry? well I got lots of that including all the kids bed sheets! So I better get started! Happy Monday everyone!

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Jodi said...

Fun weekend! I wish we were starting school today! We still have 2 weeks left of summer vacation! I am tired of hearing "I'm bored"!

Needled Mom said...

I don't like crowds either. It is great that you haven't had lines in the past.

I did wiggle with the one photo. I love roller coasters, but I cannot do a Ferris wheel. Weird, I know.

Have a good week with school starting.