Friday was a fun day out With Jelena! Her and I went to Cedar Point only to be riders and ride the Millennium once and Magnum twice! We left after that as all the lines were so long! We Headed out for a quick lunch and lite shopping and inquired about The back to school Modeling show. We got her all signed up for the show on Saturday! Unfortunately I had to work and had to miss it but she did model this outfit! She represented MACY'S. She refused to model the 2nd outfit as They gave her the wrong size and it was huge!Anyways this is the outfit she modeled! My son took the pic!

Saturday night we had a Baby shower for a co worker She is having a GIRL!!!
It was so nice! Here I am heading to it with my lovely gift ( mom wrapped) and yummy decadent dessert! It is a pampered Chef recipe called Warm Nutty Brownies! Delicious!
ALL The food was so wonderful, Pam was wonderful to open her home to us! ( right side, in black) Her home is GORGEOUS!
Here is Alysha! Isn't she cute? Due in October! We showered her with lovely gifts!

Heres the girls! Only 1 was unable to make it!
We had a great time!

Sunday was HOT! I love hot and feel like it is the 1st summer day we had! Kedric went for a little vacation with some friends for a couple days while the other 2 and I went to Soak City! Not sure if it was a good day to go or not! It was so PACKED out! We had to be shuttled there! All in all it was fun what we did do! After leaving there we closed the Cedar Point Park down and rode the Maverick last seat in the dark! It was AWESOME!
Now onto another week and soon off to work! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was a fun weekend.

Jelena looks so cute in her modeled clothing. I don't blame her for not doing the second outfit.

The baby shower looks like it was really fun. Don't you love all the cute baby items they receive?

Jodi said...

Fun weekend!