Weekend Recap

Busy Weekend! Friday Hubby and I REALLY REALLY cleaned out our bedroom and livingroom! MAJOR Fall cleaning here! We washed all the trees, baseboards, ceiling fans,rearranged and had had our carpets professionally shampooed! It was a good Prosperous Day we had! The best part is everything got completed!
Saturday I worked then got off a little earlier and had dinner with one of Bills Bosses in his company. We enjoyed eating at a local Mexican Restaurant and it was so YUMMY!
Sunday we celebrated my Nephews 2nd Birthday!
Here are some photos I took!

Look at that yummy cake!

He is so fascinated with Drums, so his parents got him a nice Drum and he enjoyed entertaining us! Happy Birthday Seth! We love you!

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Jodi said...

Productive and fun weekend! Cute photos!

Needled Mom said...

I wonder if they will regret the decision of a drum for a two year old!

I'll bet it felt awesome after you finished that cleaning.