Today I honor Marilyn, She is venturing a fresh new opportunity in helping others. She has joined the Peace Corp and will be working with many children in Africa! This is a Very sad day for us as we will miss her badly! Marilyn has watched my children once a month so my hubby and I could get out for a date! She has tutored Kedric countless times, and the older 2 as needed!
She is such a wonderful giving person! She has Blessed us in so many ways and has become a part of our family!I think we all cried like babies all weekend long as it is harder on all of us then we thought it would be!
I Pray many Blessings come her way and for her protection in all her Travels! Thank you Jesus for the Mighty Work you are doing in her life! Thank you Lord for the difference she has made in our lives!

Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing!

on the lighter side here is an 80's favorite...AFRICA By TOTO

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Jodi said...

*hugs*... I hope the times flies by for you!

Needled Mom said...

What a woman she must be. God bless her while she is away.

Tinsie said...

Best wishes for her adventures with the Peace Corps and I hope you find someone else as nice and giving to help out with the kids!