Trick Or Treat

This Year for school The 7th and 8th graders were aloud to dress up, The teachers did their own judging. Jelena wanted to be creative and try something unique so she made a Duck tape dress with the cool colors of duck tape that are out there! She worked hard on it all week. Here is what it looks like with 4 different colors! She was called the Duck tape girl, haha! We are hoping she wins for most creative. I will let you know if she does as they find out today!


I feel so not into any Holidays this year. And Halloween is probably the least on my list, none the less the kids enjoy going out and the weather is beautiful so why not!
Jelena wanted to be a bit more comfortable so she was a farm girl! Kedric a football player again this year!

Adam was a veteran. This is what they all came up with for a moments notice!
Trick or treating at a "scary" house! These people always do it up big! They really get into the Holiday!

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Needled Mom said...

What a creative costume! I hope all of her hard work pays off.

Yep, the kids always get so excited about dressing up and going out, don't they?

Nadine said...

I had no idea duct tape came in so many colors. I'm amazed at her creativity -- the dress rocked. She looks great.

They all look great - nice costumes.

Jodi said...

Very clever!

KC said...

That dress is really cool