Menu for The week!

Monday- Chicken Strips, Julienne potatoes, green beans, muffins, green jello with bananas and pineapple and whipped cream .
Tuesday- Turkey stuffing Casserole, corn, bread, pumpkin roll for dessert
Thursday- onion soup bread bowls
Friday- leftovers or subs

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Midlife Mom said...

Great menu, wish I could be as organized as you are Tina! It seems like since it is just me and the Hubs we kind of fly by the seat of our pants lots of times. I do cook several good meals each week but sometimes we just eat something light like soup and sandwiches. Hubs has a big meal at lunch time with his Dad so doesn't always want or need a big dinner. I tend to graze all day. Sigh......

Yes, braces have sure changed a lot since I had them when I was 40!!! I love all the colors that they can have the elastics now. I always did carry some wax with me to put over the sore spots. My son and I had them the same time so went to our appointments together! lol!

Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving with your family. Your Mom is so pretty and young!!

It's raining hard here today but no snow as yet. I'm taking down fall decorations and putting them away as I am anxious to get going on Christmas decorating. Can you believe it is Christmas time already?!

Nadine said...

Seriously you make me hungry. I love everything you're having everyday this week.

What time is dinner?

Shionge said...

Hey it's Tuesday so yes, turkey stuffing casserole, corn, bread, pumpkin roll for dessert would be absolutely wonderful :D

Hehhehe.....Good Planning :D