S'mores anyone?

For Christmas My MIL got each of the kids their own S'MORE maker. We finally tried them out yesterday! They are easy and fun to make, but best of all delicious!
There is even a recipe booklet that comes with it so you can vary your s'more! We did try the Candy cane one too but the original is still the best!

Here is how it looks before popping it in the Mic.

put the lid on and slightly push down to hold it all together
put in the Microwave for only 10 seconds and wala! You have a tasty treat!
Just ask Kedric, lol!

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Jodi said...


Needled Mom said...

How cute!

Midlife Mom said...

Wish I had seen those here, I would have gotten them for my grand kids, and maybe even one for me! lol! Yummy!

Your hair looks fabulous! I need to change my color, it's getting a little brassy as the color fades. I like something with some red in it but maybe I need to switch to something else. I use light warm brown as medium warm brown comes out almost black which was my real color. Of course now it's salt and pepper under this color! Bleck! Do you do house calls! lol!

Tinsie said...

Never heard of S'mores! They look tasty as well as fun :-)