Tackle It Tuesday x 2

1st Tackle is my file cabinet! I have had no organization with this for sometime and could hardly close the drawer, so it was time! The dreaded mess!
Kedric is my little shredder! He loves this job but honestly after emptying it like 10 times I had to finish as HE was even burned out on it!LOL!
NOW it is neatly organized! This took me many hours to finish!
Wala! All cleaned up!
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in between

Wala! This is our new light fixture we found clearanced at Home Depot! We only paid $5.00 and it takes 1 light bulb! Yeah!

what are you tackling today? For more tackling inspirations go here...

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Tinsie said...

Well done you! I'm being really naughty. I have a whole room to tackle, but I'm leaving it for another day.

Susie said...

Awesome tackle! I am doing this in a couple weeks:-)

KC said...

great tackles Tina. :-)

Midlife Mom said...

I tackled my desk drawer last week and cleaned out a ton of stuff. It took me all day! Now I have tons of room to file things neatly and have ordered some cute files with ladybugs on them. I usually get the ones with horses but of course they were all sold out!!!! Waaaaaaa!! I want my horse files!!!

The Household 6 Diva said...

WOW - can you come help me with mine!?!?! :) Great Frugal find on the light!!

Needled Mom said...

Oh man....I need to do the file drawers too. Ick!