14 Years Safe Driving...

Tonight was my Hubbys Dinner banquet for his work. They get awarded for safe driving. Each Driver gets a certificate and a hat. At 5 yrs they get a company watch! At 10, 15 and 20 yrs they get a cruise or $2000.00. This year my husband was rewarded for 14 yrs of safe driving!
In August he will hit his 15 yr mark! We are very excited as he does an awesome job. He is a very hard worker and I am so very proud of him! Love you honey!
getting his certificate!
His bosses over him...Jim and Curt

Along with the rest of the Drivers, We had a fabulous dinner at Marconi's- (Stuffed I am) and had a wonderful time!

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Midlife Mom said...

Congratulations to your Hubby! That is just fantastic and I wish more drivers could have that kind of record! What a much safer time we would all have while on the road! Are you going to pick the cruise or the $$$ ?!

The pecan lemon loaf looks to die for so I guess I'm going to have to give it a try. I have so many of your recipes that are sooooooo good! I love trying new things and read cookbooks like a novel.

Wish we had your snow. It's been lovely and mild here but we so need the snow for the tourists. I haven't been on the ole' snowmobile once this winter. Thankfully we don't have to feed it or clean out after it like the horses! lol!

We are getting a few flakes of snow this morning but it's supposed to turn to rain.

Do you ever go on the Taste of Home website? They have so many great recipes, I get new ones there all the time.

Well must finish getting ready for church so will say good bye! xoxox

Jodi said...

Congrats Bill!!! So will it be a cruise next year????

Shionge said...

Hey congratulation to your hubby and what a great event to motivate and encourage not forgetting the recognition to all the drivers too for safe driving :D