Thankful Thursday

I am so excited to finally have a printer/scanner! For some reason we have bad luck with them. We have done with out one for a year!!!
They work a couple of times then come defected. I am Hoping our New Canon lasts!

I am even more excited to scan pics of my Beautiful kiddos!
Adam 14 yrs.

Jelena- 12 yrs.

Kedric- 8yrs

We took The kids to PETCO to get a photo taken with their animals. They did this as a special and it was work to get everyone to look, it took 2 settings and this is what we got! Lucy (cat) and Maddie

Happy Thursday

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Jodi said...

Congrats on the new printer! Hope it lasts a long time!!

I am still amazed at getting the cat in the picture! Lulu would have no part of that for sure!

Shionge said...

What a treasure there Tina...so cool and your kids looked GREAT :D