Tackle It Tuesday -Installing a New comode

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What a tackle! I cannot take credit for this one! My wonderful Hubby had taken out our old toilet to install this new one in! At some point we will have to do the kids' bathroom as well!

This was a slight nightmare and so happy my hubby could figure it out!
We were tired of having the generic toilet with a 2-3 grade flush and have gone through many expensive plungers. No more plungers needed for this one! We Finally got a 5 star flusher and it works like a charm!

Here is Hubby frustrated as he had to make many trips to the stores to get the things he needed! Unfortunately Bill had run into some problems the way the house was built!...
anyway so here it is! All included was the seat which is impossible to slam! Its perfect!

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Jenelle said...

Don't you hate all the trips to the store during a project liek this? Congrats on your new potty. :)

Shionge said...

Great news...now all can 'do it' in style heheheh...